Thursday, July 27, 2017

In the News:

  • ‘People are scared’: LGBT groups say they’ll rush to fight Trump’s transgender military ban in court – The Washington Post (7/27 – John Culhane, H. Albert Young Fellow in constitutional law and co-director of the Family Health Law & Policy Institute at Delaware Law, provided expert commentary. This story also appeared in The Journal, True Viral News, and The Boston Globe
  • Delaware Law Professor Mary Brigid McManamon was interviewed about Trump’s transgender military ban on WDEL-AM during the morning broadcast on 7/27.
  • Trump’s Transgender Ban Is a Legal Land Mine – Politico (7/26 – Column by Delaware Law Professor John Culhane)
  • Well-known lawyer’s illness complicates Wilmington Trust trial – The News Journal (7/26 – Delaware Law Professor Lawrence Hamermesh provided expert commentary)
  • How Giving Up a Pet Raised Particular Concerns for One Queer Family – Slate (7/26 – Column post by Delaware Law Professor John Culhane
  • Deal Price or Fair Value?: Del. Courts Juggle Factors in Appraisal Cases – Delaware Business Court Insider (7/25 – Delaware Law Professor Lawrence Hamermesh was quoted*)

News Releases:

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