Wednesday, July 5, 2017

In the News:

  • Taking The Public Trust Seriously: The PA Supreme Court’s Landmark Decision in PEDF v. Commonwealth – PA Environment Digest (7/3 – Op-ed by John Dernbach, professor of Environmental Law and Sustainability and director of the Environmental Law and Sustainability Center at Commonwealth Law. The article was also mentioned on 7/5
  • Chester students relive history through art – Delaware County Daily Times (7/2 – Mention of the Chester Made partnership that includes Widener University. Lisa Eckley-Cocchiarale, theater director at Widener, was quoted) 
  • Heavy industry eyes return to Claymont under Coastal Zone Act bill – The News Journal (6/30 – Kenneth Kristl, director of the Environmental & Natural Resources Law Clinic at Delaware Law, provided expert commentary) 
  • Religious Freedom Laws Are More About Suppressing Visibility Than Protecting the Pious – Slate (6/30 – Column post by John Culhane, professor and co-director of the Family Health Law & Policy Institute at Delaware Law)

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