Monday, April 25, 2016

In the News:

  • Prince’s Death Affects Psyche Of Fans Around World, But Why? – CBS Philly (4/23 – Dr. Courtney Slater, an assistant professor in the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, provided expert commentary. Several broadcasts were aired on KYW-AM throughout the day) 
  • Dr. Shana Maier, associate professor and director of MCJ program, was interviewed on WDEL-AM with Allan Loudell during the evening broadcast on 4/22 about the recent girl-on-girl violence in Wilmington.
  • York County lawyer will be president of Pennsylvania Bar Association – Central Pennsylvania Business Journal (4/22 – Sara Austin, an adjunct professor at Commonwealth Law, was named Pennsylvania Bar Association president)
  • Rotunda Ramblings Podcast – Pennsylvania Legislative Services (Law Professor Jill Family was interviewed about the Law and Government Institution at Commonwealth Law)

Events on Main Campus:

Athletic Update:

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