Monday, August 17, 2015


In the News:

  • Piling outrages on top of outrages- The News Journal (8/15 – Thomas Reed, professor emeritus of law, was quoted*)  
  • Widener University freshmen named Apogee Scholars by Oskin Leadership Institute at Widener – Delaware County Daily Times (8/14)
  • How the case against a Delaware drug ring is unraveling – Delaware Online (8/14 – Thomas Reed, professor emeritus of law, was quoted)  
  • Campus News – The Marietta Daily Journal (8/14 – Mention of a student named to the dean’s list at Widener*)
  • Google restructuring has Delaware roots – The News Journal(8/12 – Law Professor Lawrence Hamermesh provided expert commentary) 
  • Pa. school board member required to prove residency – Herald Mail Media (8/12 – Law Professor Michael Dimino, provided expert commentary) 

News Releases:

  • International Transgender Conference Expected to Draw 1000 Participants To Seattle, Kate Bornstein to Keynote, Attendees include professionals, activists and families – StreetInsider (8/15 – Michele Angello is an adjunct professor in the Center for Human Sexuality Studies) 


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